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All-weather floor mats. Rear A1

All-weather floor mats. Rear A1

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The all-weather floor mats are perfectly shaped to fit the rear floor of the Audi A1. The hard-wearing mats are perfectly matched to the interior. The floor mats protect the floor against wetness and coarse soiling. They can be easily cleaned when necessary.

The anti-slip raised pattern on the underside of the all-weather floor mats and the fastening points provided in the floor ensure that the mats are held securely in place and that they will not slip.

For 2nd generation new A1

Colour: Black

Items supplied: 1 set for rear (2 items)


Audi model compatibility:

A1 Sportback (Gen. 2) 2019 ->

SKU: SKU 82A061511041

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