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heritage Auto Union Streamline, silver, 1:43

heritage Auto Union Streamline, silver, 1:43

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In October 1937, on the motorway between Frankfurt and Darmstadt, Bernd Rosemeyer was the first person to reach more than 400 km/h on a normal road in a 16-cylinder Auto Union Streamliner racing car. In the same place in January 1938 there was another record-breaking run. For this, Auto Union had improved the body aerodynamically and increased the capacity of the engine to 6.5 litres. On the first warm-up run Rosemeyer reached a speed of 429 km/h. However on the following record-breaking run Rosemeyer was a tragically killed when the car was caught by a gust of wind and overturned. 

The miniature is a must for all fans of the German motorsport history.


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