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12V socket - USB power fast charger

12V socket - USB power fast charger

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The 12V - USB power charger allows fast and convenient charging of mobile devices (including laptops) using up to 100 Watt charging output (power supply) in the vehicle. It plugs into the vehicles 12-volt socket and has a type C charging connector. 

Items supplied:
1x USB power fast charger

The transmission of the maximum charging current of up to 100 Watts requires the simultaneous use of a 100 Watt power supply capable cable such as Audi's USB type-C® Power Delivery charging cable.
USB power charger charging profiles (fast charging standards): USB PD 3.0 / PPS , QC 3.0
the mobile devices used must support or be compatible with the fast-charging standards of the USB power charger.
The amount of charging current and the associated speed of the charging process depends on the connected mobile device and various other conditions and can vary, with the maximum output only available in ideal conditions. It can also be influenced by temperature and intense sunlight. When reaching the maximum operating temperature the USB power charger will reduce the charging output automatically. The maximum charging output is also dependent on the mobile device and the charging profile used.
When not in use, the USB power charger must be safely stored in a closed compartment (e.g. glove compartment).
Only one USB power charger may be used in the passenger compartment at a time so as not to exceed the maximum amperage.
Use a USB C to USB C charging cable for USB C mobile devices or, for example, a USB C to Lightning charging cable for Lightning mobile devices (charging cable is not included in items supplied).


    Audi model compatibility:

    All models utilizing a 12-volt socket

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